Devour The Fetus - Traumatic Birth Delights CD


Image of Devour The Fetus - Traumatic Birth Delights CD

The savage gastronomy of Devour The Fetus comes back with Amputated Vein for their second full-length album !

"Traumatic Birth Delights" offers a fresh menu of 11 tracks of jaw-breaking brutality. 4 Years after Cook'n'Roll, Devour the Fetus release a darker, heavier and more technical recipe, melting together massive slams with deep gutturals, juicy blasts and spicy grooves. An ode to the tastiest dishes of the Multiverse !

For fans of Visceral Disgorge, Analepsy, Defeated Sanity and Parasitic Ejaculation.

Tracklist :

1. Prenatal Autosarcophagy 04:10
2. Embryomlet 02:50
3. Chew My Newborn Stew 02:42
4. No Country For Fetus 04:24
5. Uteral Gastronomy 01:51
6. Placentartiflette 03:26
7. Foetus Slamo-Maxillaire 04:10
8. Fetal Kush 03:17
9. Stem Cells Clafoutis 04:15
10. The Heaviest Fetus Of Multiverse 03:20
11. Force Fed Shredded Genitalia (Visceral Disgorge Cover) 04:30

Released February 8, 2019 by Amputated Vein Records