Departed - Darkness Reigns CD


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If you ever wanted to know what the depths of hell sounded like? Departed are here to pull you under & show you.

Now onto their fourth release Departed are somewhat an anomaly. Mixing everything from beatdown hardcore, death metal & black metal. This culminates into a sound that for the hardcore scene is very refreshing & diverse. “Darkness Reigns” see the band delve deeper into a sound they have crafted over 3 other releases & now its first on Upstate Records.

Taking the raw metallic hardcore of bands like All Out War, Hatebreed & mixing it with the darkness of Disgorge & Behemoth, “Darkness Reigns” is a deep dive into the dark side of life, showing us a lifetime of pain & anguish.

Tracklist :

1. God Is Money
2. Blood For Blood (ft. Stikman - Fury of V)
3. Nails
4. Darkness Reigns (ft Ryan - Cast In Blood)
5. Fentanyl
6. Reign of Terror
7. 876
8. Armed with Defiance
9. Survivor's Guilt

Released by Upstate Records May 29, 2021

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