Demonseed - Human Disposal Syndicate CD


Image of Demonseed - Human Disposal Syndicate CD

"Human Disposal Syndicate" is the new album by this legendary TXDM band. Founded in Dallas back in 1997 they faded into the shadows but now Demonseed have awoken from their long slumber! Led by guitarist Carlos Casillas with a new line-up they are musically as strong as ever !!!

Tracklist :

1. Human Disposal Syndicate 03:23
2. Searching Through The Carcass Of A Hooker 03:53
3. A Hopeless Concentration Of Carnal Misery 03:51
4. The Evil That Men Do 03:40
5. Children Of The Abyss 03:24
6. Prosthetic 03:05
7. Mongolian Death Worm 03:09
8. A Beast In The Field 03:40
9. Torn Apart By Wolves 03:36
10. Goats Go To Hell 04:15

Released December 30, 2016 by Lord Of The Sick Recordings