Deathrow - Left To Rot / Malicious Intent CD

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"Left To Rot" is the second EP by Brisbane's most brutal Beatdown band DEATHROW & their 1054 Records debut release.

Featuring 5 brand new tracks of slamming violent Beatdown this EP is sure to get you spin kicking & punching anybody or anything in your path !!!

Also included on this CD release are the 5 x remastered tracks from their 2018 "Malicious Intent" demo EP !!!!

Left To Rot EP (Track 1-5)

01. Left To Rot
02. ColdĀ 
03. Unholy Death (Feat Polo Stew of Blood On My Hands)
04. Splintered
05. Dog

Malicious Intent EP (Track 6-10)

06. 214
07. Malicious Intent (Feat Luke Manson of Xile)
08. Addict
09. Deathrow
10. Necklacing

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Cunningham of The Burial Sound.

Additional recordings by Tim Wheaton