Dayz Lost - Demo Dayz CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)


Image of Dayz Lost - Demo Dayz CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)

After Midwestern hardcore stalwarts Purgatory heralded their own demise, their ever industrious vocalist Matt Anderson clearly isn’t one to let dust settle. Conceived at their previous band’s graveside, figuratively speaking, was DAYZ LOST. The fact that there weren’t, in fact, any actual days lost should please us all. Composed of 3/4th’s of the street metal survivors and two members culled from Northwest Indiana, anyone still in mourning would do well by seeking out the band’s 2022 demo.

In much the same way the Purgatory discography reads like a manual on eternal suffering, Dayz Lost double down on the lyrical browbeating and pummeling tyranny of Purgatory. The band has arrived a fully formed proposition.

The Dayz Lost demo is equipped with four tracks of pure hardcore that meld the Midwestern horrors of Cold as Life, the NJHC groove of Fury of Five, and the Charm City menace of Stout

This is another banging limited edition / hand numbered CDEP Digipack c/o Deathfarm Records (Belgium) so grab a copy while they last !!!

Tracklist :

01. Two Devils
02. Life Of Sin
03. No Chain
04. What's Mine
05. Another NIght
06. Catch One