Daggerspawn - Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity CD


Image of Daggerspawn - Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity CD

The initial assemblage of imaginations began in the year of 2005, and the vast course of events kept DAGGERSPAWN evolving into an abomination as seen today. Founding members Nenad Petrovic (guitar) Jovan Katic (guitar) and Vlada Mladenovic (drums). Danilo Trbojevic (vocals) was soon enrolled in their rows, and with the arrival of Srdjan Salamunovic (bass), the horrid pact was complete.

By this congregation their forbidden craft ravaged live on many shows, as well as local and abroad. Several split releases and an unofficial demo were spawned during the years of 2007-2008. As well they were noted as a first ever band from Serbia that recorded their live show and published a live DVD "Wrecking Ferocity" - before the official full-length album.

DAGGERSPAWN entered the Archsound Asylum in the beginning of 2008, and started laying first ghost tracks for their debut album.

In the end of 2008 band signed for Sevared Records & Butchered Records, releasing the official full length album "Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity" upon the world, featuring the fantastic cover made by Jon Zig (Suffocation, Dying Fetus, etc.)

Unfortunately during this project, Vlada Mladenovic left the drummer position.
Danilo Trbojevic was replaced by Marko Zivanovic on vocals, hoping to drive the band towards a more monstrous tenacity.