Cropsey - Malfeasance CD


Image of Cropsey - Malfeasance CD

CROPSEY are one of the new breed taking the NYHC scene by storm !!!!

Through their pure hard work & relentless live shows they are building a serious name for themselves and definitely one to watch.

Having played alongside heavyweights like Madball, E-Town Concrete, Sworn Enemy, Incendiary, Bury Your Dead & Gridiron in recent times they are building a solid following & set to explode with this new album !!!!!

"Malfeasance" is the follow up to the very well recieved 2021 debut self titled EP & truly shows their progression musically & as a band in general. Featuring a special (& very rare) guest vocal appearance by Sal Lococo from NYHC royalty Sworn Enemy this album is a must have for all fans of Heavy Hardcore !!!

Tracklist :

1. Beloved
2. Taint
3. Disappear Pressure
4. The Difference Between Accept and Except
5. Conduct
6. Malfeasance (Featuring Sal Lococo Sworn Enemy)
6. No Time To Explain

All Recording and Mixing Credits to Joseph Kusack at Amplitude Studios
All Mastering Credits to Kevin Basca
CD layout by Juan at Primal Design