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COUNTIME is a Hardcore Punk band that formed in 2003 hailing from the Streets of North East Los Angeles, California. They Started as a side project that included members from local L.A. hardcore bands DIFFERENCE OF OPINION and SET ASIDE, They released a demo called "Let the Legacy Begin" shortly after that they signed with No Joke Records in 2006 and released Broken, Blinded, Betrayed.
After the release of Broken, Blinded, Betrayed the band was giving the opportunity to tour the East Coast and Southern Parts of the United States and play numerous shows across the U.S./Mexico border in Tijuana, Baja California.

In 2008 CT went into the studio to record the follow up album titled "It Is What It Is" the record was released independently and online only as discrepancies emerged between the band and No Joke Records which lead to a mutual split between the band and label. In 2010 the band decided to call a break after the death of a close family friend Joel Lamas who was shot in the chest on January 01, 2010. In 2014 the band remerged and began to work with original members Mikey Urcid on Guitar, Eric Urcid on Drums, Juan Udave (Jr5150) on Vocals, Johnny Perez on Bass and the addition of new guitarist Liam Dunne. This Lineup recorded and Released a new E.P. independently titled "Ostracized".

The Band began to gain heavy traction playing many shows and touring with Venice California local legends Cycotic Youth. The band was then offered the opportunity to record a split record on the New York brand Pitchfork with Sworn Enemy. 2017 Erick Urcid left the band to focus on his family and long time friend and former Countime drummer Christian "Chino" Cruz joined back up on the throne. Soon after Bassist Johnny Perez left the band due to health issues and was soon replaced by long time friend and former Union 13 Bassist Rudy Ramos. The Band recorded and released the Innocence Lost E.P. and was soon offered the opportunity to be on the Damaged Case: Tribute to Motorhead compilation album on Upstate Records.

In late 2019 The band gained the attention of Producer Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, BillyBio) and COUNTIME was offered the opportunity to join the European 2020 Persistence Tour and share the stage with the Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, H20, Street Dogs, Billy Bio, Wisdom in Chains, and Cut Throat L.A. After the tour was finished the Corona Pandemic Virus emerged and shut down all forms of life and entertainment as we knew it. COUNTIME used this time to focus on working and recording with Billy Graziadei.

In 2021, While finishing the recordings with Billy Graziadei, COUNTIME also decided to work on and release a new E.P. titled the Pandemic E.P. This record was released on the newly found Los Angeles based label Hoodcoore Records.

Tracklist :

1. LAHC 00:03
2. Drips 01:42
3. No Time 02:30
4. Leva 03:23
5. ACAB 00:09
6. Keep It Movin 02:38
7. Switched Up 03:07
8. Reincarnation 01:16
9. LA Hardcore 00:07
10. Juzgarme 03:40
11. Slow Your Roll 00:56
12. Fugazi 02:00
13. No Turning Back 01:36
14. Byegones 02:48
15. DonĀ“t Fuck With Us 00:08
16. Stay in Your Lane 02:35
17. Requiem 03:30

Released May 28, 2021

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