Cold Reign - The Noose CD


Image of Cold Reign - The Noose CD

COLD REIGN is a 59 SOSF Hardcore outfit from Fort Wayne feat. TASTE THE STEEL members Matt and Dustin, who also plays in CROWD DETERRENT now. So far the band released 4-song demo entitled "Anger. Aggression. Depression. Reality." and the same tracks were later re-released on the SOSF Worldwide Family "Volume 3" Split-CD.
COLD REIGN´s full-length debut "The noose" features 10 straight up, heavy hitting Hardcore tunes somewhere between RINGWORM, MADBALL, LIFE AFTER DEATH and CROWD DETERRENT including guest-vocals by Josh TASTE THE STEEL, Steve LIFE AFTER DEATH and Jeremy LIFELESS. Northern Indiana no-nonsense 59 Hardcore in full effect.