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This EP was originally recorded & released in 2019 but only ever digitally via the band's Bandcamp page so after a few lineup changes over the years COLD CONCRETE decided to re-record the vocals with Doug singing as well as do a physical CD release through 1054 Records which includes the previously unreleased track "Absolutely Scared"


COLD CONCRETE formed in 2017 with the hope of bringing back the fading hardcore scene in the Youngstown Ohio area. Originally intended to simply be a “side project” things quickly progressed & after a few shows under their belts they started to realize that they had the potential to take it more seriously & a lot further….. And so that is exactly what they did !!!

They soon started to make connections with bands from all over the US & get promising attention from all over the world which ultimately resulting in them forming a partnership with 1054 Records (Australia). The word had definitely spread fast that they were here to stay & ready to do whatever it takes to go all the way !!!

2019 was when things really started to take off & with five members they were set to record their third EP. At this point they knew that it was time to start making bigger plans as a band which was now a gateway to succeed at what they truly love to do.

Now in 2022 they have had a couple of member changes & settled as a 4 piece unit with a refined sound that is heavier than ever and new tunes in the works for a brand new EP coming soon to 1054 Records !!!

Make no mistake …. With a great work ethic & a thirst for playing shows wherever and whenever possible you are likely to see these guys pop up in your hometown to wreck havoc soon enough so get ready to party hard !!!!

This is COLD CONCRETE from Youngstown Ohio !!!

2022 Lineup :

Doug Dugan - Vocals
Connor Dunn - Guitar
Zack Demsky - Bass
Jason Miller - Drums

Past members playing on this album :

Nick Cavicchi - Guitar
Alex Morals - Bass


1. Blue Lives 01:34
2. Enemies 01:58
3. Drugs Are Bad 01:32
4. Loyalty 01:30
5. Absolutely Scared 02:11

Released May 27th 2022


All Music by Cold Concrete (2019)
Instruments Recorded and mixed by Dave Piatek @ Bottleworks recording studio 2019
Doug's vocals Re-recorded and mixed by Brandon Folsom @ Folsom Audio 2022
CD layout by Dakota Rowling @ Ultraiskmedia and arranged by Taz (As Flesh Decays)