Coathanger Abortion - Plan C CD (US IMPORT)


Image of Coathanger Abortion - Plan C CD (US IMPORT)

More than twenty years into a career of bludgeoning, calamitous disorder, Tennessee’s Coathanger Abortion have returned with their third full length album - the mind-blowing death metal assault of ‘Plan C’. There’s not a moment on ‘Plan C’ that isn’t bone-breaking in its heaviness, but it’s also disconcerting, disarming and unnerving, embedded with devilish hooks and totally addictive. Featuring seven original tracks and a crushing cover of a Broken Hope classic that fits seamlessly into the arsenal of Coathanger Abortion material, ‘Plan C’ takes things to the next level! It’s time to welcome back the blood-splattered anti-heroes of death metal!

Tracklist :

1. What Lies Underneath 07:19
2. Corpsewood 04:54
3. Dead Walking 05:08
4. Dissecting Society 05:51
5. Millville Madness 06:27
6. Randomly Butchered 05:56
7. Silent Screams 05:18
8. Cannibal Crave (Broken Hope cover)

Released October 21, 2022 by Comatose Music