Cemented In Fear - From Purgatory To Heaven CDEP


Image of Cemented In Fear - From Purgatory To Heaven CDEP

CEMENTED IN FEAR are leading the new crop of PGH Beatdown Hardcore bands making a name for themselves in the Nth East part of the States. Bringing the trademark PGH heavy style of brutality with their fresh blend of crowd killing / hard moshing Beatdown along with some seriously sick Death Metal inspired licks these guys are finally ready to explode onto the scene !!!!

"From Purgatory To Heaven" is their long awaited EP that is now streaming on all major platforms along with this strictly limited pressing of CD's.

So prepare yourselves for the violence & blast this shit loud !!!

Tracklist :

1.Welcome To Pittsburgh (Intro)
2.Oblivion Through My Eyes
3.Outlive My Enemies
4.Spent Until The End
5.From Purgatory To Heaven

Cemented In Fear are :

Connor Kelly - Vocals
Jake Benedetto - Guitar & Vocals
Brendan "Nard" Smith - Bass
Pat Phelps - Drums

Recording credits:

Shane Mayer & Alex Emert at Cerebral Audio
Shane Evans recorded vocals