Cancer Spreading - Ghastly Visions CD


Image of Cancer Spreading - Ghastly Visions CD

CD version of these Italians' sophomore full-length, previously only released on vinyl and digital format in 2016.

Cancer Spreading are preaching their gospel of nihilism and self-destruction since 2006, actively and ruthlessly punishing the underground scene with a demo, an EP, a bunch of splits (w/ Children Of Technology, Fatum and Last Legion Alive, among others) and two full-length albums, the first of which, titled "The Age of Desolation", was unleashed upon mankind on CD format by us back in 2011.

Their music is an apocalyptic, spine-wrenching alloy of the Crust/Metal that we oldies used to call Stenchcore back in the 80's, and the heavier-than-thou, earth-shattering sound that made Bolt Thrower stand out as one of the most storming and most influential Death Metal acts ever. Utterly recommended for fans of the Coventry legends, as well as Deviated Instinct, Asphyx, Sacrilege, Axegrinder, Sanctum, War Master, Stormcrow...

Tracklist :

1 Blood-Soaked Ocean Of Isolation
2 Ghastly Visions
3 Oppressive Negativity
4 Putrid Angel
5 The Day I Dreamt A Nightmare
6 The Hanged Corpse
7 Fragments Of Filth
8 Sinners Shall Weep
9 Psychosomatic Nausea
10 Cloaked In Nothingness

Released January 2020 by Memento Mori