Brooksite - The Collection (Discography) CD Digipack


Image of Brooksite - The Collection (Discography) CD Digipack

10 years after their original release, DEATHFARM RECORDS (Belgium) finally put the 3 EP's of the Long Island (New York) heavy hardcore band together under one limited edition CD Digipack.

This is some of the best & most brutal Hardcore to come from the NYC melting pot & until now sadly a band that most have probably never had the chance to hear or appreciate !!! But now there is no excuse ... this is a MUST HAVE in the collection of any true heavy Hardcore fan


01. Apparition
02. The Fourth Wall
03. Collapse (Ft. Kevin Line Of Scrimmage)
04. Destiny
05. Focus
06. Fake Silhouette
07. The Payoff
08. Guilt Trip (Ft. Bobby Vow Of Hatred)
09. Crooked Perception (Ft. Noah World Of Pain)
10. Unleash
11. Destiny (2009)
12. Sorry Sari
13. Be Real
14. Gunner (Ft. Steve Wolverine)

Tracks 01 - 06 from the ep "A New Age"
Tracks 07 - 09 from the ep "Guilt Trip"
Tracks 10 - 14 from the ep "The Reclaim"



Image of Brooksite - The Collection (Discography) CD Digipack