Brace For Impact - Cogitate CD


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BRACE FOR IMPACT are a Heavy / Beatdown Hardcore band from Clearfield Pennsylvania USA comprised of ex members of well know bands such as NOT WITHOUT RESISTANCE, FINAL STAND & FOREVER MEANS GOODBYE

"COGITATE" is their debut full length on 1054 Records & this definitley a MUST HAVE for all fans of the Heavy / Beatdown Hardcore genre

Tracklist :

01. Scavenger's Daughter
02. World Of Deceit
03. Dead Weight
04. Breaking Point
05. Better Off Dead
06. Clearfield Fkn Hardcore
07. Puppeteer
08. Control

Brace For Impact is :

Dave Steele (Vocals)
Ed Wilsoncroft (Guitar)
Travis Hudson (Guitar)
Carl Barquist (Bass)
David Mayersky (Drums)

Band Bio :

Brace For Impact formed in February 2021. They started up just jamming & hanging out then started writing songs and got the itch again. None of the guys had been together since 2006-2007 but all been friends and in bands together going back to 2000.

Dave Steele, Carl & Travis were all in Not Without Resistance (On The Attack Records) while Ed & Dave Mayersky were in Final Stand
Dave Steele, Ed & Dave Mayersky then were together in Forever Means Goodbye (FWH Records)
Travis is also currently in Belvebuth while Ed & Dave Mayesrsky currently play in Endbringer

All bands have been fairly successful in their own right having toured with & played with bands such as Hatebreed, E-Town Concrete, Sworn Enemy, Die-Cast, One King Down, Skinless, Chimera, Hoods, Bleeding Through, Bury Your Dead and many others.