Beyond The Styx - Sentence CD Digipack


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"Sentence" is the 3rd album by French Metallic Hardcore band BEYOND THE STYX & easily their best !!! 10 punishing tracks of riff driven Hardcore delivered with maximum aggression this is a killer album no question

BEYOND THE STYX serves a furious, uncompromising and devastating crossover between metal and hardcore. Lyrics and art-style are carefully crafted around this musical mayhem (or the other way around ?).
With a critical view on the ugly parts of our modern society BEYOND THE STYX comes (in our eyes) with the perfect soundtrack to the daily news.

BEYOND THE STYX is here to persist and resist and so should we, let’s get ready!

Packaged in a super slick 6 panel Digipack with booklet WTF Records deliver a quality product as always ... Limited to 600 hand numbered copies worldwide.

Tracklist :

II. Collateral
III. New World Disorder [feat. Luis Ifer / Teething]
V. Self Hatred
VI. Chain of life
VII. Overload
VIII. Scorch AD [feat. Guillaume / Final Shodown]
IX. Machination
X. Cyclops [feat. Vincent / The Butcher’s Rodeo]

Released February 4, 2022