Beyond Belief - Gluttony Sinners CD


Image of Beyond Belief - Gluttony Sinners CD

Hot off the back of their self titled debut EP this brutal slam machine are straight back into action with this debut full length album "Gluttony Sinners" which is 12 tracks of nothing but straight up mayhem & brutality !!!

BEYOND BELIEF is a 3 piece collaboration band made up of UK & US based members bringing the sounds of Brutal Slam with a touch of Death Metal, crushing Beatdown breaks & a even a hint of Hip Hop !!!

Vocals - Dave Sativa (US)
Vocals, Bass & Drums - Mdvh (UK)
Guitar - Matt Samford (UK)

Tracklist :
01. Pit Of Disgust
02. Gluttony Sinners
03. Torture Room
04. First Victim
05. Homicidal Maniac
06. Slippage
07. Meat Cleaver
08. Gagged
09. Devils Work
10. Brutal Perversion
11. Stay Down (Feat. Danny Diablo)
12. Head Fuck