Begging for Incest - Awaiting The Fist CD


Image of Begging for Incest - Awaiting The Fist CD

Three young musicians (Chris/voc; Jan/git; Max/drums) got together in early 2007 to play the music they like most. After the first rehearsals some crazy slamming stuff filled with lot of 'beatdowns' was written to hit the stage and let the pit go round!

The music changed in a way especially in comparing the first stuff with its most of all Hardcore influences to get more into the slamming part. The first EP 'Awaiting the fist' was released in summer 2008 on Pathologically Explicit Recordings. In the last 1 ½ years it got kind of silent on the whole band. A major cause for this are the internal structure problems. However the band got to quit with Chris on vocals in the beginning of 2010 and started working with Meik as new vocalist.

Re-Released by RNR in May 2017