Awoken - Death Or Glory CD


Image of Awoken - Death Or Glory CD

Some bands stick to their guns, maintaining sincerity and the same dominating ability to produce solid hardcore. Awoken, now amongst the UK and Europe’s most established, is one of these bands. Since the start of 2003, constant shows and several European tours have secured a legacy for Awoken that can not be ignored.

Awoken have shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest hardcore bands and have earned a mutual respect from many of them. A hardworking, DIY ethic, and a stubborn disregard for the trends and inner-politics that have sucked the life out of hardcore are the ideals that have allowed Awoken to set themselves apart and create a unique sound and positive philosophy. These are the thoughts echoed in the lyrics and this is an attitude which has strengthened 4 guys, pushing them to create something so powerful that the world will take notice.
Two years on from the debut release “Take Aim”, line-up changes and a new-found determination have helped Awoken to develop and grow far beyond their previous form.

Loyalty, integrity and hard work are the cornerstones of a band hell bent on bringing their brand of hardcore to the forefront of everyone's mind. Powerful anthems laced with groove and a sense of brutality continue to be the foundation of Awoken's sound. The forthcoming full-length “Death or Glory” will demonstrate a completely unique approach to songwriting and an ability to bring new energy to heavy music.

Awoken split up in 2007.