Apostate - At The Tomb Of Sanity CD


Image of Apostate - At The Tomb Of Sanity CD

The echoes of a horrendous past drift down to the banks of the Ribble. The fog clears to reveal the debut album of Lancashire death metallers APOSTATE - At the Tomb of Sanity.

For fans of Suffocation, Severe Torture and Defeated Sanity.
Cover art - Alex Tartsus

Tracklist :

1. At The Tomb Of Sanity
2. Stoned To Death
3. From Dust... To Ashes
4. Onan
5. Master Of Slavery
6. Genocide of Egypt
7. Banished And Deformed
8. Revelation (Instrumental)
9. Spiteful King
10. Scripture and Sorrow

Released May 20, 2019 by Lord Of The Sick Recordings