Anoxia - Languish In Suffering CDEP


Image of Anoxia - Languish In Suffering CDEP

ANOXIA are an up & coming Death Metal band hailing from Sydney Australia who are building a solid reputation locally with their killer brand of OSDM !!!

For fans of Suffocation, Deicide, Death, Decrepit Birth & Morbid Angel

"Languish In Suffering" is their debut EP following on from their 2020 demo track "Torturous Degradation" they have developed into a world class outfit playing plenty of local shows & having already supported the likes of Skeletal Remains & Misery plus set to share the stage with Jungle Rot in April 2023 they are band to keep an eye on for sure !!!

Tracklist :
01. From Flesh To Ash
02. Languish In Suffering
03. Torturous Degradation (Guest Solo by Matt Sotelo)
04. Drown In Venom
05. Torturous Degradation (2020 Demo Version)

Anoxia are :

Joey Scott (Vocals)
Elias Niahos (Guitar)
Zoran Mrakic (Bass)
Marco Alvarez (Drums)

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Clarke
Drums recorded at The Brain Studios, Sydney
Guest solo on Torturous Degradation by Mat Sotelo (Decrepit Birth)

Artwork by Paolo Girardi
Photography by Ben Harrison
Layout by Tropical Decay