Anasarca - Survival Mode CD


Image of Anasarca - Survival Mode CD

The long awaited and very highly anticipated 4th album from these four northern German sickos ANASARCA is entitled "Survival Mode" and it is definitely the most brutal and fastest album so far. Despite the speed and heaviness this album is still absolutely old-school to the bone with these Anasarca-specific riffing you already know from “Godmachine”, “Moribund” and “Dying”.

All the album's songs are based on real-life accounts of how far humans will go to survive extreme, life-threatening situations. True stories of inhuman power and will to survive. Musically the album offers the perfect background for this issue and shows yet again how brutal old-school death metal was meant to be.

9 regular album-tracks + 5 bonus-songs blow through your ears within 52 minutes of playing-time. Also featuring death metal dinosaur Kam Lee (Massacre, The Grotesquery, Broken Gravestones, etc..) did guest vocals on the title track "Survival Mode". AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!!!!!

Tracklist :

1. Drinking Blood 03:38
2. Survival Mode 05:13
3. Cannibal 03:36
4. Blue John 03:31
5. Touching the Void 04:26
6. 571 03:33
7. Pacific Dread 03:21
8. The Donner Party 03:36
9. Endurance 04:41
10. The Weird Ways (re-recorded) 03:35
11. Scorn (re-recorded) 03:36
12. Godly Beings (Obituary cover) 02:27
13. Paralyzed 03:16
14. Dogmas Ignored (Vomiting Corpses cover) 03:17

Released May 2017 by Sevared Records