Anal Hard - Influencers Del Underground (EURO IMPORT)


Image of Anal Hard - Influencers Del Underground (EURO IMPORT)

The band Anal Hard , have returned this year with their sixth studio album, becoming their fifth full-length at the same time. It is called " Influencers Del Underground " and is full of vice, lust, substances, fun but above all social demands. It saw the light on October 8.

The album begins very strong and combative with the cut Al Despertar , with very fast rhythms where the drums take the cake completely. The track is bolstered by a gut-wrenching vocal from their frontman that brings a roughness and savagery not only to this song but also to the band's personality. In El Vip , it is a song of only two minutes where some of the most impressive riffs stand out. He is not the only one with these characteristics, in the same way we will listen to N. HDSGB , Narcosala , Two Fingers , Sin Freno and Revolucionario . In third place is Misadaptado , which was the preview of the new album byAnal Hard . It's a very interesting cut because the band puts all the meat on the grill from the first moment and they delight us with a constant change of rhythms as well as different vocal registers, each one more powerful than the previous one, giving rise to great dynamism and a unmatched energy. We can also appreciate these same resources in El Ritual , although, in this case, we are dealing with a sound that is stronger and more aggressive in equal parts.

We continue with Medios A 20 , a track with a very calm beginning and that later surprises us with a more moderate sound in terms of the use of very fast rhythms and instrumentals that are too agile. In general terms, the group has been soaked in some Punk influences , leaving the strongest element of the song to be the voice. We come to the song of the same name, Influencers Del Underground , with devastating instruments full of verve that continue to drink from that “punk” nature that is also part of the personality of Anal Hard . Closing the plastic, does Skin With Skin , another whiplash that releases adrenaline in each of its notes from the beginning to the end thanks to a ferocious instrumental in which the combination of strings and drums is incredible.

If you like wildly combative and unbridled bands, of course Anal Hard won't disappoint you, and even less so with their new studio work, which is a real savagery.