Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty (4 Way Split) CD (US IMPORT)


Image of Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty (4 Way Split) CD (US IMPORT)

Comatose Music have unleashed 'Acts of Sadistic Cruelty' .... a split album featuring four bands of the most barbarous, cold-blooded sonic assaults imaginable. Kill Everything, NecroticGoreBeast, Virulent Excision and Gorepot combine their awesome firepower and overwhelming sickness to deliver one colossal onslaught of brutal death metal! Four distinct styles of brutality slug it out in a no-holds-barred fight to the death. If you think you know heavy - think again.

Tracklist :

1. No Lives Matter (Kill Everything) 03:37
2. Maggot Frenzy (Kill Everything) 03:18
3. The Violator (Kill Everything) 03:09
4. Gangrened Genital Tumor Exhibit (NecroticGoreBeast) 01:57
5. Purulent Rectal Discharge (NecroticGoreBeast) 02:59
6. Butchered Transurethral Prostate Removal (NecroticGoreBeast) 03:32
7. Consuming Mortality (Virulent Excision) 03:39
8. Carnivorous Defleshment (Virulent Excision) 04:11
9. Bill Cosby’s Favorite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty (Gorepot) 01:15
10. Mrs. Claus is Frustrated with Santa Claus Because He Only Comes Once a Year (Gorepot) 01:22
11. The Woman was Saved from a Rapist by the Gay Rapist that Raped the Rapist (Gorepot) 01:20
12. My Ex-BF and Instant Noodles are Both Done in Two Minutes (Gorepot) 01:25

Released August 19, 2022