Aborted Fetus - Pyramids Of Damnation CD


Image of Aborted Fetus - Pyramids Of Damnation CD

Once more the cold winds of death begin to howl in the Ural Mountains, announcing the return of Aborted Fetus! The Russian masters of unmitigated brutality are back with their seventh album, ‘Pyramids of Damnation’, an intense and unforgiving death metal masterpiece set amongst the desert sands of ancient Egypt.

Aborted Fetus have never been heavier as hammer blows of power and an atmosphere of stygian darkness combine! This torrent of horrors will be unleashed on September 11th and the world will be left in ruins.

Tracklist :

1. Pharaoh's Disasters 02:16
2. Earth's Bloody Punishment 03:48
3. Execution by Toads 04:55
4. Invasion of Bloodsucking Insects 04:07
5. Queen's Prophecy 04:07
6. Cattle Pestilence 04:09
7. Goddess of Chaos 05:06
8. Tomb of Damnation 04:07
9. Abscesses On My Body 04:19
10. Fire Spreading Over Earth 06:58
11. Locust of Death 04:39
12. Fear of Darkness 07:27
13. The Ancient Ritual of Death 01:38
14. Pharaoh Firstborn's Execution 06:54
15. Outro 00:36

Released September 11, 2020 by Comatose Music